We House Differently
A brand that jams to
a different kind of house
music and apparel

We House Differently is a name brand that serves deep house music to its listeners. It is a child brand to Deeper Sessions. It is run and maintained by the resident DJ Azzuri. Who is passionate about a more international, techno type of deep house, sub-genre. The music that is played on this podcast is nothing short of amazing yes we tried it out ourselves. Seeing that he had the music and the name to describe the beats he likes to play for his listeners, all he needed was a logo and apparel that communicated his podcast.

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Differ Designs Co. partnered with Azzuri to create something special for his music show. The goal was to create something that communicates the message but subliminally. A logo mark that is simple but descriptive as well. We got our inspiration from a DJ’s headphones as they pump music into the DJ’s ears. But headphones are too common for music logo design ideas, so we incorporated the letters with a house and a speaker to create a simple modern design that was scalable.

The visual Identity system was broad and we created badge designs for the clothing line, also lockups for the mix tape covers. We also created a logo for the parent brand Deeper Sessions. That discography was kept groovy to resonate with the vibe created by the music they play. A lot of planning got into the making of this branding project and the results motivate the listener to just plug in their headphones and press play.

Jacob Mohomutsi