T Let's Photograhpy
A brand that focuses
on capturing more than
just pictures but emotions too

T Lets Photography is a self run photography business by Tshwaro Letshwene. The focus is to capture emotions and not just memories. He has used this craft and created series’ of amazing work and moving pictures. So when he approached us, he was looking for something he could use to mark his work. He wanted a watermark that was simple and wouldn’t take away from the beauty of the image taken.

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We were excited to partner with T Lets Photography. The brief we received was an open one and our goal was to create some that differs and is personal. We were inspired by the idea of capturing emotions but we wanted to add the personal touch. This is where the letter “T” with a dash on top came in. The whole logo is an action by a specific person with initials “TL”.

This logo was made to live as a watermark and it does that excellently. Because the logo is an initial on its own, it works as a simple watermark on any image or video. In addition the logo is scalable thus making it usable as a company logo as well. The logo design is simple, personal and memorable.

Jacob Mohomutsi