Branding for a company
that aims to change the
status quo of construction

Molemo Construction is a construction company that offers value for money building solutions. The company is focused on building quality buildings using sustainable methods that may seem unconventional in the modern day. As their business model is unorthodox they needed branding that could set them apart from the masses. Molemo is a solution based construction company that tackles challenging builds.

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We partnered with Molemo to build a brand that was modern and bold. This collaboration brought a design that describes the firm at its core. The challenge was to make a mark that stands out without being too busy. We were inspired by roof angles of different buildings if viewed from a distance as one structure. This led to an asymmetrical mark that captivates the customer and motives the eye to follow the sharp lines that exuberate stability and rigidity in structure.

The identity system was kept bold with the royal blue taking lead. We wanted the feel of the company’s graphic design work to communicate stability, reliability, grand design and most importantly uniqueness. The visual identity system created for Molemo Construction is the perfect metaphor for the complexity of a simple design, so much like the buildings they work on.

Jacob Mohomutsi